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Name:Tatsuya Yoshinaga

Tatsuya Yoshinaga, 21 - normal, Minoru's big brother, Haru's partner, black hair, silver eyes

When his parents died four years ago in a car crash, he was almost 18 so he took responsibility for his younger brother. Tatsuya gave up his chance to go to college in order to get a job. His odds jobs weren't enough and when he was witness to a robbery by someone with powers, Tatsuya immobilized the person casting attention to himself. The organization responsible for investigating and handling those with abilities recruited him to take on a job with them and he accepted. He's been doing this job ever since he was nineteen. A year later he was given a new partner by the name of Haru who had the ability to manipulate light, and Tatsuya was smitten almost immediately. Tatsuya constantly tries to get his affection through to Haru even though the other man rejects it. He finds his partner so adorable when he makes faces so he often teases Haru by invading his personal space. Due to his job, he's proficient in firearms and even a few melee weapons such as swords, staff and even karate.
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